What makes Elki Wraps different to others on the market?

Elki Baby wraps are handmade in Australia using high quality, Eco-friendly bamboo fabrics which make them light and breathable and perfect for any climate. Our wraps have a slimline design with tapered ends and less bulk compared to other wraps on the market. This makes them comfortable to wear and simple to carry around in their own matching storage pocket. We believe our wraps not only look good, but have some of the best functionality compared with other similar products.



What are the benefits of bamboo?

We have chosen to use only bamboo fabric for our wraps due to the many associated benefits including;

  • Eco-Friendly and sustainable
  • Light and breathable
  • Soft – Feels similar to silk or cashmere
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial- perfect for sensitive baby skin
  • Provides UV Protection (We still recommend you use sunscreen!)
  • Highly Absorbent – Wicks away moisture
  • Insulating – cool in summer/warm in winter


What is the age range for your wraps?

You will get the most use from your wrap in the first 6 months of your baby's life. We prefer to use weight as a guide and find our wraps are suitable to a maximum of 8kg or until it is no longer comfortable for the wearer. Every baby is different and height and mobility can also play a role in how long your baby will like to be carried. You can carry your baby when they are older it will just be for shorter periods of time.


Can I breastfeed in your wraps?

You sure can! Your wrap will provide a discreet way to feed your baby, simply loosen the tie a little and re-position your baby so they can attach properly. You may need to re-tie your wrap after feeding. You can also use your wrap as a feeding cover when you are not wearing it.


How does the sizing work?

Our wraps are one-size-fits-most and the only difference between wearers is how many times the fabric will wrap around your waist. You only require it to be wrapped around you once when tying it off.


My baby feels too low and it's uncomfortable what am I doing wrong?

Our fabric has some inbuilt stretch to make wrapping your baby easier and to help with fabric retention. It is important that you wrap firmly before adding your baby or they will slip down too far. This is more of an issue with larger baby's. Remove your baby and re-tie your wrap so the middle band is firm against your chest. You cannot tie too tight, the fabric will stretch around you and baby.

You should also make sure the fabric is spread from knee-to-knee so that it creates a nice wide seat for baby. This will help keep them upright in the carry.


Can I carry twins in your wraps?

No. Our wraps are designed to carry a single baby at one time.


Can I wear my baby forward facing?

No. We do not suggest forward-facing carrying and our wraps do not safely support baby's hips when forward facing.


Can I wear my baby on my back with your wraps?

No. Our wraps are stretchy and not designed to safely support this type of carry. You should only use your Elki Baby wrap according to the instructions provided.


Can I use the Elki Wrap after having a C-Section?

Of course! Our fabric is extremely soft and the weight of the baby will be carried on the shoulders and nowhere near the incision site. Take care when tying your wrap and take it slowly for the first few weeks.

How do I care for my wrap?

Cold, gentle machine wash and then hang to dry in the shade. You can use a cool iron to flatten them out after washing.


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