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Hi I'm Sarah and together with my husband Gerard and two year old daughter Elki, we are Elki Baby.

Our journey began two years ago. As first time parents and babywearer's we loved the wrap carrier instantly. It felt natural and offered us some relief from our baby girls reflux. It was comfortable and helped us create a special kind of closeness with our daughter, especially for Dad. As much as we loved the wrap we had, it was far too hot for South East Queensland and after trying to find something more suitable and failing, Elki Baby came to life.

When we launched in late 2014 we were the only Australian bamboo wrap of our kind. We designed our wraps from our own experience, encompassing all of the attributes we believe make the perfect wrap carrier; workable length, lightweight, breathable, perfect stretch and stylish. It was also essential to us that the fabric was not only baby-safe but eco-friendly. For this reason we chose bamboo.

Elki Baby wraps are designed and handmade in our Gold Coast home studio. All of our wraps use quality bamboo fabric which is not only super soft and breathable but it is naturally hypoallergenic which is perfect for sensitive baby skin. We have worked really hard to source the best fabrics so they don't just look good but function too.

We are just your regular first-time parents, learning along the way but putting everything we learn back into our brand to make the best product we can to help parents like you. And we are loving this journey so far. We are proud supporters of both locally and ethically made products and sustainable, eco-friendly materials and we feel honoured to wrap your baby.

Sarah x


Why Elki?

"Elki" is our daughters name. It is from Native American origins and means "draping over" not significant for a baby, but for a baby wrap? What could be more perfect. "People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition". We feel as though this describes our brand and vision perfectly.

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