The start of something beautiful.

The start of something beautiful.

I thought it was fitting that the first blog post was about where it all started for us seeing as it was two years ago in August 2014. Our daughter Elki was only two months old and since birth we had been wearing her in a wrap carrier that had been loaned from a friend. While we were converted to loving the wrap style, I was not completely happy with it. Some of the issues were the length, which was far too long for this 5’3 Mama and that it was just too hot. We live in South-East Queensland and I was constantly sweating and worried Elki would overheat. On a purely superficial note, it was also not the most flattering or stylish colour…Brown. Not even a nice brown, just brown.

I went on the hunt to find something that I loved in a breathable organic/eco fabric and a colour more to my taste but I could find nothing in Australia like this. You know the next part. I couldn’t find it so I decided to make it myself.

I had two non-negotiables; 1) it needed to be made locally (either by me or someone else) and 2) using a baby safe and environmentally friendly fabric. That last point is a factor that is so important to me when it comes to baby products so I was not going to compromise. I decided that if it couldn’t be bamboo or similar, I wasn’t going to do it at all.

Once I set my mind on something there is no stopping me and those next few months were a little frantic. I had this beautiful 3 month old baby that I was absolutely obsessed with and spent all my time with her breastfeeding, cuddling and doting on her. I thank the sleep Gods every day that Elki was a good sleeper in those early days as I got so much done during the day and night sleeps. Tracking down the perfect fabric (so fussy on this), visiting suppliers, creating samples, testing and photographing. Special mention to my amazing husband who let me take a million photos of him and made him test every sample, you are a Saint x

When we launched that same year with our first three styles; Original Stripe, Ash and Coral, Elki Baby was the first bamboo wrap carrier of its kind in the Australian market. I am so very thankful for the genuine supporters Elki Baby had in the beginning who loved and appreciated what was created and they were supportive of what we were trying to bring to the market. Many of those same people are our biggest fans even today and without them we wouldn’t be here two years on.

We wanted to create an Australian product that is focussed on giving you a baby safe and planet conscious option for your baby as well as a tool that helps you in your parenting journey. We believe we have done this with Elki Baby Wraps.


Sarah Wallace

Hi there,

I’m just wondering if you have any new colour/fabric releases planned and if so how far off are these?


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